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Do you find summer heat hard to bear? Were you thinking of having an air conditioning unit installed or do you live in a rented place where that’s not even an option? We can offer you a solution! Imagine if you could have a portable air-cooling device that wouldn’t use too much electricity, would be compact enough to take on trips, and wouldn’t make the air in your home dry and stuffy. All of it is possible with Blaux Portable AC!

With this small device you can effectively cool yourself and the room, humidify and filter the air, and not pay a fortune on electric bills either! It’s perfect for people who work in an office without an air conditioner, live in a place where there isn’t an air conditioning system installed and can’t have it installed themselves, or just look for a more convenient device to have.

What makes Blaux Portable AC so special?

There’s a lot of disadvantages to owning some air-cooling devices that Blaux doesn’t share. For example, air conditioners have a complicated set-up that you would need to pay someone to do and they, as well as some fan coolers, use a lot of electricity, which would lead to an increase in your monthly bills. Blaux Portable AC ensures that summer is the time when you save on bills, not increase your spending, so there’s no difficulty in setting it up yourself, nor a significant increase in power consumption when switched on. Also, most air-cooling devices only do one basic function, which is cool the air, while Blaux also cares about improving the general air quality to make sure you are breathing clean, crisp air. Finally, while some devices are bulky or completely unmovable, Blaux Portable AC can be taken anywhere with you. All you need is an electric outlet and some water. Therefore, where other alternatives fail, this device succeeds.

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